Can Jindal’s Health Plan Get the GOP on Track?

Jindal’s proposal, released by his policy group, America Next, was not the first health policy plan to come from the right. In recent months, Rep Tom Price (R-Ga.), as well as GOP Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.), Richard Burr (N.C.), and Orrin Hatch (Utah), have put forth ideas for overhauling the health system as well. But Jindal’s [&hellip

Adapting to an Age of Global Wealth

Perhaps a single data point can summarize the shape of the world and the challenge before us. Since roughly 1975, the global economy has added more wealth per capita than we created in all of previous human history. The unlocking of the global economy across the 20th Century has produced an explosion of economic growth [&hellip

HHR Exclusive Interview with Musician “Lucky Logan”

HHR: Logan tell us a little about yourself…where are you from…where were you born…where were you raised…which city and state are currently home to you? A: My name is Logan P. McCoy, I’m a thinker, rapper (street poet), philosopher and all around nice guy. I was born in Ghana but raised in Brooklyn. I have lived in [&hellip

Misleading Paycheck Fairness Act

All Republicans support equal pay for equal work. And while we all know workplace discrimination still exists, we need real solutions that focus on job creation and opportunity for women. Not more regulations that cut flexibility and cut bonuses. But on Tuesday, Democrats have said that they will be using “Equal Pay Day” to push [&hellip

Dr. Ada M. Fisher: Unemployment Compensation at Whose Expense?

The move to extend unemployment benefits is short sighted and penalizes those squirrels who bothered to save up their nuts. The problems with unemployment extensions include as data increasingly shows, those who make more in unemployment than could be made in a job have been reluctant to seek work until that benefit is stopped. Another [&hellip




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